Gift ideas for mother’s day

Mother’s day, gifts to avoid

Usually when it comes to choose a gift for mother’s day it’s easy to fall into the trap of buying items made to be watched only. Maybe they will be used once or twice, but soon you’ll see them parked somewhere in the house collecting dust, and sadness.

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Coachella Festival

Coachella Festival

Coachella Festival it’s not just a music event, it’s also a fashion happening in which you can show off eccentric and glamour look in a seventies’ hippy style taste.
Artists like Katy Perry, Snoop dog, Tylor Swift and world famous fashion bloggers like Kiara Ferragni and Natalie Suarez are just a few of the celebrities that go to California to enjoy this crazy week end in a spirit of fun, parties, but most of all of Good music.

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Mountains in Italy

When it comes about the touristic value of Italy I switch my own view of my country from a political-geographical site into a treasure chest with tons of different jewels to pick according to my mood, or the dream I want to join in real life.
Italy is not only enchanting sunsets on the seaside and priceless hystorical and cultural sites, in Italy we do have mountains, too!


Italy Vacations | SEASIDE


Summer is coming up and the urge to go on a vacation is getting stronger after these long wintry monts. Italy is the 5th most visited country in the world thanks to its amazing historical and cultural heritage, dream beaches and breathtaking landscapes among the alps and the apennines.
Vacations in Italy are never disappointing: whether you choose city of art, bathing sites or mountains, the “Belpaese” is perfect for those who wants a relaxing holiday to get tan and jump in to crystal clear waters. But also for those who’d rather and adventurous trip walking in the woods, climbing up on the mountains or paragliding to admire from above all the beauties that nature offers.
Today I’d like to talk you about two of the most famous bathing sites in Italy: the Lampedusa Isle in Sicily and Portofino in the Ligury region.

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Home decor with wall stickers

Make your place unique like you
Wall stickers are the best solution to give a breath of fresh air to a corner of your house that will give new personality to the whole room, and on Bravoitalia you can find tons of wall stickers suitable for all you rooms.
Easy to apply on your walls and all the smooth surfaces, wall stickers will turn the most boring and anonymous wall into a like catching subject for your pictures and a funny topic of conversation with your friends. You can attach a row of funny cats or puppies along the stairs or around you bed, or the instructions for the laundry (just in case) in the bathroom.

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Rings and bracelets: close-up on the hands!

It’s not a secret that face and cleavage are the first thing we notice about someone, but immediately after the attention moves on the hands, with which we tend to sign while we’re talking. That is why accessories like rings and bracelets deserve the proper attention, then let’s get ready for a close up on the hands!

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The right accessories for your face shape

It’s not that hard to choose the right accessories for your face shape!

Bracelets, earrings, rings and necklaces are more noticeable on summer and make your tan stand out.
We get less dressed up and scarves rest in drawers to allow for cleavage-baring to embellish with eye-catching necklaces that give our general appearance an original touch.
The necklace needs to be combined with the right earrings so that the whole effect does not look like a random jumble of trinkets, but an appropriate selection of details chosen with great care.
So let’s see now how to choose the right accessories for our face shape and outfit.

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Braccialini Bags

Braccialini bags

When it comes to bags on Bravoitalia you can opt for a classic or a casual look, depending on the situation.
Among the wide selecion of bags available on Bravoitalia, Braccialini bags stand out thanks to their funny and original style, beloved by women for over 60 years.
In each Braccialini collection every woman can find the perfect bag for herself: simply shaped with plain colors for when you’re feeling chic and sophisticated; vivid colors and brilliant fantasies for the fashionistas who do not want to go unnoticed.
The playfuilness of the decorations and the shapes make Braccialini bags unique and valued. The tuscan brand Braccialini keeps the italian flag flying in the world thanks to the premium materials used for the bags and its craftmanship.
You can find four amazing Braccialini bags on Bravoitalia from the TUA Collection to match with your outfits.

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milan fashion week 2016

Milan Fashion Week 2016 | Milano Moda Donna

The Milan Fashion Week 2016 Milano Moda Donna held from 24th to 29th February hosted by the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana, reveals the autumn winter 2016 collections and represents the not-to-miss event for all the fashion lovers. The runways will pleasure all the fashion industries lovers with its newest prêt-à-porter creations of the most famous fashion brands like Gucci, Roberto Cavalli and Versace but emerging brands too like Damiano Marini, Violante Nessi and Percy Lau will be showing their collections at the Milano Moda Donna Fashion week for the very first time. The streets of Milano will be a chaotic and colored swarm of fashion addicts, emerging fashion designers, bloggers, reporters, local and international celebrities attracted by the Milan Fashion Week, in short, a great circus of eccentricity to take some inspiration from if you don’t mind to catch the eyes, of course.
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